Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smarty Pants

Lane's vocabulary has been astoundingly impressive lately.  He took a while to start talking, but when he did, it was like an explosion!  He has been speaking in full, complete sentences for almost a year now, but lately it is like I am talking to a 5 year old!  He impresses us daily with the things he says and does.  As fun as this is, it means that one by one, some of his adorable little language mistakes are slipping away.  I want to remember these forever!

"chick-a-fay" = Chick Fil A
"Old McDonald's" =  Calls McDonald's this EVERY time!
"Bells on bob-o ring" = A familiar line from Jingle Bells -- (Bells on bobtail ring)
"Tickles" = He calls nipples this!  haha
"Rinoculars" = Binoculars
"Sprinklers" = Sprinkles (like on cookies/cupcakes)
"Austin Adventures" = The place where Kyle works (AUSTIN VENTURES)
and my favorite---"subagetty" = spaghetti

And these aren't cutesy mistakes, but things I want to remember him saying and doing lately.

Anything that happened in the past, whether last year or last week was "Yesterday."  He will say, "Yesterday, when I was at the Virgin Islands..."  "Yesterday Santa brought me a train table..."  

He uses the word terrible a lot.  "Nap is terrible!"  "This food is terrible!"  "Cleaning up is terrible!" 

If it is dark in his room he always says "I can't see a thing!"

The other morning at breakfast, out of nowhere he said "A bicycle has 2 wheels, a tricycle has 3 wheels, and a unicycle has only one wheel."  He pronounced everything correctly and said it all so matter of fact.  He said he learned that at school.  I need to ask his teacher!

He will always ask for a certain restaurant or food and if I say no he says "But it's really yummy!"  or "But they have really good food!"

This is not one I am proud of, but I do have to bite my lip from laughing every time he says it.  If I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do he will respond with "Nnnn-ever!"  It almost sounds dramatic, like he heard it on a superhero show or something!  

Everything is a cause and effect for him.  For example, I will say "I'm going to take those toys away if you aren't playing with them.  And he will say "If you take those toys away, then I will GET them back!"  Or the other day we were at AT&T getting my new phone and he kept running off.  I finally told him that the workers might get him if he kept leaving me.  He said "If that worker catches me I will KICK him down!"   Sassy!
He can be so very sweet, especially to me.  He frequently tells me "I love you, mommy."  and "Mommy, I like you."  He also says "You're my best girl" and "You're my best friend."

The other day Kyle was putting Lane into his carseat and he kept asking for the "hexagon thing."  Kyle kept saying he didn't know what he was wanting.  Finally, Lane pointed to the seat pocket in front of him and said "I want that paper with hexagons on it."  Kyle reached in and pulled out the label from Lane's magna-doodle that had a faint gray honeycomb pattern on the background.  Genius boy!

Anytime we ask Lane to do something he doesn't really want to he will say "First I need to _____."  Most of the time it is something fairly unimportant he needs to do!  

And the most impressive thing thus far is that he can add!  I don't really know how it started, but if you tell him two numbers to add that are 5 or less, he can use is fingers and add correctly!  He is right pretty much every time!  Here's a short video showing off his number skills.  (He gets it from his DAD!)

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