Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house.  Lane woke up to Snowman pancakes made by Mums and I finished icing some of our Christmas Cookies that mom, Kori, and I make every year.  Then we wrapped some last minute presents, and got ready for church that night. 

 Each year I make a gingerbread Coots family!  Lane - Mommy - Daddy

Lane sporting his new Santa shirt I got at a boutique in Austin for 40% off!

We went to the 6pm Candlelight service at church and Lane was really good.  About 10 minutes in, he did ask Mums "What time will this be over?"  in a really angelic voice, but for the most part he stayed entertained by the songs, coloring books, candles, and my secret stash of Skittles!

We took pictures of us all dressed up after church.  Lane insisted on wearing his cowboy boots and looked pretty adorable. 


Playing with his Santa Little People set while waiting on dinner.

In our jammies....ready for PRESENTS!

Lane got this kayak man from Kori and Mitch.  It is probably one of his favorite toys from Christmas!  They also gave him a dinosaur Tshirt and a travel magna doodle.

A big magna doodle from mom and dad!

Lane loves these puzzles from Mums

We let Lane go shopping for our gifts and he chose some interesting things for Daddy.  Some apple chap-stick, a reindeer nose sucker, and some sweet tarts gummies.  

With a *little* guidance from me (I told him a while back I'd like a scarf,) he picked out a black and white striped one from Target.  Thanks little buddy!

Mums also got him his own kitchen, a Leap Pad 2, a tool-kit, and a couple of books.

Finishing the night off with story time.

We started a tradition a while back to eat soup on Christmas Eve and this year my mom made my all-time favorite kind.  It is a Tricia Yearwood recipe that is sooooo good.  After Lane finally went to bed, Santa's elves got busy and we got ready for Christmas morning!

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