Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Since Lane's first Christmas we have had Santa come to our house for a private visit.  The first two years we hosted a play date with our childbirth class friends, but some have moved since then-- including us!  This year we just decided to have him come to my mom's house and Lane had him all to himself!  I am so glad we are able to do this!  No long lines, no expensive print packages of pictures that are not guaranteed to be good, and no rushing through to the next kiddo in line.  Lane was really excited this year, but I still wasn't sure how he would take it.  

Santa arrived and opened the door ringing his bells and saying HO HO HO!  Lane was in the playroom with Kori and she said his face lit up and he squealed with excitement.  I went to get him and he was smiling ear to ear as he turned the corner to see Santa.  The minute he saw him, his face changed...
He tensed up a bit and had an unsure look on his face.  But he warmed up so, so quickly and had a great time visiting with old St. Nick!

Coming around the corner to meet Santa at the door!

Santa greeted him and let him hold his bells.

He plopped right down in his lap and started counting on his fingers to show how old he is now.

 Telling Santa what he wants this year

Hearing all about Santa's bells

 I LOVE the next series of pictures.  So incredibly sweet!

We had Santa bring a gift for Lane.  Something he didn't ask for but we knew he would like!


It was binoculars!  Lane had been playing with some fake ones that came from a happy meal, so he was very happy to get a REAL pair!  

Getting a little help from Santa Claus

 Santa remembered that Lane loved cars and trucks last year and he got down on the floor to play with him!  In the last picture, Lane was showing him how an ambulance siren sounds.  Santa thought it was pretty funny!

Annual family pic with Santa.  The only ones Lane wasn't grinning in.

Minutes after Santa left Lane was OUT!  So tired that he fell asleep while playing games on Kori's phone!  All that excitement did him in.

And because I love a good comparison, here's a look back at Lane Austen and Santa Claus from the past years.

9 months - 1 year 9 months - 2 years 9 months

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