Friday, August 1, 2014

Remembering Papa John

May 27th is always tough.  Thinking back to the day that my dad passed away from ALS 8 years ago is still as sad as it has always been.  I know I have talked about the disease on the blog before, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking on this post!  

Mom had a onesie made for Lane using one of Dad's old ties and brought it to me in the hospital when he was born.  I knew I wanted him to wear it on the anniversary of Dad's death!  I took some special pictures of Lane wearing the tie onesie that I will always treasure!

Now that Ellis is here, I wanted to do something similar!  I got creative and made a hair bow with one of Dad's ties that I had kept.  We had a photo shoot and she was so happy and content!  I like to think it is because she knew she was honoring her Papa John, who would have loved her so much!

I used the remainder of the tie to put on Lane.  Papa John would have gotten such a kick out of this kid!  I know they would have been best buddies and enjoyed lots of things together.  Building things, working in the yard, breakfast dates to IHOP, and playing ball outside.  It makes my heart hurt just thinking about how much I wish he could have met his grandkids!

Special kids wearing a special man's tie.  Priceless!

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