Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week in Pictures {May 27-30, 2014}

A few iphone photos from our week!  Getting closer and closer to our move away from Austin!

My grocery shopping buddy!  I have already become a pro at getting groceries with 2 kids.  I actually love having Lane and Ellis as company at the store!  (Most of the time...)

Love that dimple!

Lane begged for a piece of pizza from HEB.  It was huge!!

Big pout from Miss Ellis

Ellis' version of tummy time.  From early on, she always pushed with her legs.  Pretty strong for not even a 2 month old!  Good thing I was watching her closely, or she may have ended up with a carpet burn on her forehead.  :)

A mirror pic with Mom before bath time

Clean baby girl!

Sweet little smile

Gotta love those squishy lips!  I love when she sleeps on my shoulder.

Breastfeeding pictures usually make me crazy, but I snapped this to remember my view this night.  Lane fell asleep in our bed while Kyle was gone to a late work event, and I loved having both of my babies snuggling up!

Lane has enjoyed his new guitar and still LOVES to dress up in costume.  This is by far one of my favorite dress up outfits!  He has developed a new obsession with the song "Rodeo" by Garth Brooks, and asks Kyle to play it on his iphone over and over.  With Lane's outstanding memory, he was quickly able to memorize the words and loves pretending to be Garth!


A little taste of his showmanship...
"And they call the thing-a rodeoooo."

Big stretches after a long week!  You can see a little bit of gray-ness on Ellis' belly button.  She had to go to the doc this week for an umbilical granuloma.  Basically that means that a little bit of her umbilical stump didn't dry up completely after her cord fell off.  The doc applied some silver nitrate to dry it up.  Worked like a charm!

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