Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Sip & See for Ellis Paige

On Sunday, June 1, 2014 we had a Sip & See Shower for Ellis.  Sip & See's are gaining popularity and are basically a baby shower held after the baby is born so that other people can come by and meet the baby!  Since Ellis was born in Austin, there were lots of people back in DFW who hadn't met her yet.  This gave everyone a chance to come by and see our baby girl and indulge in a cupcake and punch!

My mother in law, Claire, was nice enough to host the shower at her house!  Ellis looked beautiful!  I dressed her in a baby blue smocked dress that actually belonged to Kyle's sister, Sara, when she was a baby!  

The lovely hostesses!  Claire, Kori, Mom and her helper, Evin Kate

The table looked so cute!  Lots of pretty newborn pics of Ellis and some beautiful pink flowers, plus cupcakes, snacks and drinks.


Everyone loved holding Ellis, who slept basically the whole time!  These ladies were all friends of Kyle's grandmother, Ginks.  Claire still keeps in touch with all of them and has lunch with them once a month.  

More love for Ellis!

It was a great turnout and I was so glad so many people were able to make it.

Evin was quite content at the Sip & See.  She found lots of people to walk around with, enjoyed a cupcake, and even needed her dress tied up so she could get around easier!  She's a busy girl!


Looking at her crazy auntie!


After the guests left, I opened lots of wonderful presents.  I didn't even expect to get any, but everyone was really generous and I got some CUTE things for Ellis, as well as some great necessities off my registry for our move to Chicago.  

Grandparents & Ellis!  Mums, Gran and Pops love this little bundle!

Aunt Kori

Sisters and Cousins!  I can't wait until they are old enough to play together!

Us with Mums

and Gran

I am so thankful I get to be her Mommy!


I took a few more pictures of Ellis in her dress when we got home that day.  We are so happy to have this sweet girl as our own!

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