Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our last days in Austin...

Our last weeks in Austin flew by!!!  Movers were set to arrive on Thursday, June 12, so we squeezed in lots of activities between packing!  Luckily, Ellis was relatively easy while Kyle and I packed boxes and prepared for the move.
A little tummy time while Mommy packed!  

Our cute little cupcake!

Sweet girl!

Eating carrots, holding his sister, and watching TV.  A big brother PRO!

Happy little lady!

We made one last visit to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.  Lane and I LOVED going to Kerbey Lane for pancakes.  We already miss that place so much!

A couple of nights before the move, we finally went over to Kyle's great aunt Margaret's house for a visit.  She lives in Austin close to the UT campus and in the 2 years we lived there, we never got around to getting together!  We were happy to get to visit with 2 of Kyle's aunts/uncles, as well as his cousin, Mae, who was a flower girl in our wedding years ago!

Hanging out with Mary

Coloring with Mae.  I can't believe how grown up she is now!

Margaret lives on the 14th floor of a fancy apartment building overlooking the UT campus.  This was a pretty view off of one side of her balcony!  Lane loved looking at the tower and the football stadium.

Mommy and Ellis posing by the tower

Coots fam bam

Sara was able to come too, and loved holding baby E.

Aunt Margaret and Ellis

Lane had a fun time playing with old toys that Margaret had saved and listening to the player piano.

The next day it was back to packing!  Ellis wanted to be held all morning, so I ended up having to put her in the sling to get anything done.  My view that day was this sweet face and loads of boxes!

Little darling!

Josh, Carrie and Abigail were coming to Austin for a short family vacation at a nearby resort, so they came and spent a night with us before getting to their hotel.  They had no bed upstairs since we had already moved our big bed out, but they made do with an air mattress.  We were happy to get to see Miss Abigail and spend one last weekend with the Bays fam!

We ate dinner at Contigo, which had a great outdoor patio and plenty of open space for Lane to move about.  He and Abigail had a blast playing at the table!

Taking it like a man!  She loved pinching his face!

Sweet kisses!

Ellis tried out her bumbo chair for the first time...and she liked it!

"Check out this new trick, Mom!"
My little paci unicorn

We squeezed in one last movie night in the media room.  We didn't utilize this room quite enough, and I know we will miss it like crazy!  We watched The Sandlot, and Lane LOVED it.  (Even though he tried to say he only liked it a little.)  He somehow memorized lots of quotes from watching it that one time.  We heard "You play ball like a girl!" more times that we could count!

Sara came to babysit Lane for a bit while we got some packing done.  She took him to her house to meet her baby chicks and he had such a fun time!  He begged for Mama Fu's on their way back to our house, and ended up falling asleep before he could even eat it!  Aunt Sara wore him out!

My mom came to visit a couple days before the movers arrived.  We hit up some of our favorite Austin spots and even stopped by the Austin mural to take an updated picture now that Ellis is here!

Wearing one of Evin's hand me downs.  I asked Kori if these were supposed to be capris or pants.  Answer: pants.  But Ellis rocked them as capris!  Must be a long-legged girl!

A trip to Panera...another one of Lane's faves.  Each season they have a different iced cookie and he was excited that they had baseballs this time!

My mom left on Tuesday the 10th, and took Lane and Scout back to Mansfield with her so that I could work hard on getting everything packed and so that we wouldn't have Lane and Scout to deal with on the day the movers were coming.  I snapped this gem right as they were about to leave.  Scout is like "Sheesh!"  

Posing on a few of the many boxes in our home.  Although this wasn't our favorite house ever, we made so many great memories there!  Our two years in Austin flew by and we made the most of it!  Lane had 2 great years of pre-school, Kyle gained great experience at a job he loved, we had our favorite restaurants and stores we frequented, had lots of fun when visitors came to town, Lane made friends with our neighbors, and we brought our baby girl home to that house!

The last time posing on the front steps for a picture.

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