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A Day Full of Doctors

JUNE 11, 2014

**This post was so hard for me to write!!  This is a day I will always remember.  It was the day before we moved away from Austin, the day Ellis turned 2 months old, the day we had her 2 month checkup and shots, and the day I got the scare of my life with Lane...

Our day started with some frantic packing.  Lane was in Mansfield with Mums and the movers were set to come the next day.  We still had so much to do!!!  Kyle went to work that morning and I packed a few boxes and took Ellis' 2 month pictures while she was happy and awake.  (Coming in the next post!)  That afternoon, we had Ellis' 2 month well check.  Kyle was able to meet me there to help me out!  She looked so sweet in her pretty mint bubble!  

Healthy, happy girl!   Waiting to see Dr. Wagner

Kicking those legs!

Mommy's baby girl!

These pictures are soooo sweet!  Daddy's little princess!

Our sweet girl got a great report!  The doc was pleased with her weight gain and said she is just perfect!  She only cried a little with her shots, but HATED the heel prick for the newborn screening blood test.  

After the checkup, Kyle went back to work and Ellis and I headed home to get back to packing.  When I say there was still a long way to go before we would be prepared for the movers to arrive, I mean it!  We totally underestimated how big of a job it was to pack that entire house.  Around 4pm, I took a break to call my mom and sister to check on Lane.  I was talking to Kori on the phone and she said they were out in the backyard letting Lane swim.  Kori said she was pushing Evin in the swing and then all of a sudden the call cut off.  I figured her phone died or we lost service.  I called back and nothing could have prepared me for what Kori said.  My heart is pounding just typing this....

She calmly told me that Lane had taken his floaties off without anyone knowing and she had to jump in to pull him out of the water.  My mom was watering her flowers around the pool and saw him first.  Kori said he was floating on his stomach and she didn't know exactly how long he was under.  She told me they had called 911, but that Lane was breathing, talking, and awake.  Thank GOD.  I was completely in shock.  Panicked, terrified, so, so sad that I wasn't there with him.  I stayed on the phone with Kori until she said the firemen/paramedics arrived.  I let her talk to them and she called right back with the news that he was going to be transported to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth.  My mom had been holding Lane and talking to him while the paramedics took his vitals and checked him out, and said that he was acting a little tired and groggy, but alert enough to carry on a conversation.  The paramedics said that everything looked ok, but to be on the safe side, they would like him to go to the hospital for further observation and testing.  With all the recent talk about "secondary drowning," I was glad that he was going to be checked out and monitored.

They let my mom get Lane into some dry clothes, and she rode with him in the ambulance to Cook Children's.  Kori got herself changed and Mitch's mom came to get Evin so that Kori could meet them at the hospital.  Mitch was working that day and happened to be on a call at the hospital, so he was able to go check on Lane as well.  I got this picture text shortly after they got to the hospital.  I was so happy to see Lane awake, playing on Mitch's phone.

I got constant updates from Mom and Kori.  Kyle was still at work, so I was having to pass on the updates to him as well.  It was so hard to decide if I needed to drop everything and drive from Austin to Fort Worth to be with Lane.  On one hand, I was desperate to see him and make sure he was ok, but on the other hand, we had soooo much to pack still, and the moving company was set to arrive at 8am the next day.  The nurses and paramedics assured me that Lane was going to be just fine, and that the only reason he was admitted to the hospital was for observation to make sure no fluid had accumulated in his lungs.  Everyone kept saying that he would most likely only need to stay for a few more hours, so Kyle and I decided I should just stay in Austin and drive there the next day, as originally planned.

They took an x-ray of Lane's chest, and the doctor said everything looked clear, but they wanted to wait a couple of hours and do one more, just to be safe.  Mom said Lane was really good for the doctors and nurses.  He, of course, carried on conversations with them and made them laugh.  After his x-ray, one of the nurses gave him some stickers, which made him happy!  He also was well enough to walk around and go play in the playroom for a while.  He evidently told the nurse he was a little bored, so she gave him clearance to go explore!

Mom said that they were playing library with some books and a toy scanner.  She said she played the role of the one checking out some books, and Lane was the librarian.  She cracked up when he told her "M'am, now don't forget, we have DVD's to check out too!"  

They took another x-ray in a few hours, and this time, the doctor thought they might have seen a tiny bit of fluid in the lungs.  The risk was that it could turn into pneumonia.  Apparently, the chemicals in chlorine can also have an adverse affect on the lungs if they get inside, so that was another risk.  He would have to stay a bit longer at the hospital to continue to be monitored and have another x-ray in another few hours.  At this point, I was back to getting stressed out about things!  Just as I was thinking everything was ok, the worrying crept back in.  My mom and Kori were so great with Lane.  I am so glad they were both there with him, since I couldn't be.  The good thing was, Lane was acting completely normal.  Talking up a storm, wanting to play, wanting to eat, and showing no signs of being ready for bed.

Along with every x-ray, Lane accumulated more and more stickers!  He thought it was pretty neat!  Kori and Mom kept me updated with new pictures of our brave boy and all of his bravery stickers!

He looks real sick, doesn't he?!

He got his favorite meal of Chick Fil A for dinner that night, and Aunt Kori stayed late into the night reading to him.  Around 1am, they decided that his x-ray still showed the fluid/swelling in the lung, so they decided to go ahead and keep him overnight.  It was hard for me to get to sleep after that news, but I knew in my heart that everything would be ok and I would get to see Lane the next day after our house was all loaded up and I could drive to DFW.  Mom slept in the room with him that night and kept me posted by text message any time she got an update on him.

Ellis sent her well wishes for her big bro.  Written on a large piece of packing paper!

Lane did fine all night, and by the next morning the nurses said he was in the clear.  He celebrated with a popsicle and waited until the doctors made their rounds to discharge him.

Evin and Kori came back up to visit, and Evin indulged in a rainbow pop as well.  She even scarfed hers down before Lane finished his!

Finally, around noon, Lane was discharged!  RELIEF!!!  I thank God that this little boy is ok after that scare.  No parent ever wants to receive a call like that, and no Aunt or Grandma wants to have to go through a scare like that either!  We obviously had a long talk with Lane about never taking his floaties off without help from a grown up, and talked long and hard about pool safety.  I'm so grateful he made it home safe.  I couldn't wait to see my little man the next day!!!

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