Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So long, Austin

After a stressful night of worrying about Lane and staying up until nearly 3am packing, the movers arrived bright and early the next morning.  Kyle's brother, Trent, came in town to stay at the house and help with the movers that day.  I am glad we had an extra person there for when I had to go tend to Ellis and Kyle had to go to the office to put in a few hours on his last day of work.  We had everything that was to go to Chicago labeled with red duct tape, and the remaining things were going to be moved to the storage unit in Mansfield by Kyle and Trent.  The movers were so fast!  By mid-day, they were loaded and gone, and I stuck around a little longer to do some last minute things and get my car loaded.  The kids and I were planning on living at my mom's house for a full month before moving to Chicago, so I had quite a bit of stuff that needed to come with me to her house.

Our Austin home.  We will miss you, Sautelle Lane!

That afternoon, I loaded up Ellis into our packed car, and we left our home in Austin behind us!  I was excited to get to Mansfield to see Lane, who was discharged from the hospital at about the same time I was on the road.

A sweaty, tired Mama and baby girl in her car seat mirror!  So long, Austin!

Kyle and Trent stayed behind to load up a U-Haul truck with the furniture and boxes to be kept in storage in Mansfield.  Since we were downsizing to a 2BR apartment in Chicago, we had LOTS of things that we had to store.  The guys had a tough job ahead of them!

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