Friday, August 1, 2014

Sweet Six Weeks

I bought Ellis a keepsake outfit from Tiny Sprouts just like the one I bought Lane when he was born.  I was excited to order a pink one this time!  I remember Lane was 9 weeks old when he barely started to fit into his outfit and Ellis had almost outgrown hers when I put it on her at 6 weeks!  

Ellis Paige - 6 Weeks Old


Here is Lane's picture for comparison.  I think the sleeping pictures of them really resemble each other!  The most noticeable difference to me is Lane's eyelashes compared to Ellis'!  He had the darkest, longest lashes from early on and Ellis' are really light and not near as long.  We can't all be so lucky, I guess!  Long eyelashes or not, she's still a beauty!

Lane Austen - 9 Weeks Old

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