Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Gage!

Last weekend Kyle and I headed back to Mansfield again for Lane's friend Gage's birthday party.  Gage and Lane went to the same school and had the same babysitter last year, so they went from seeing each other every day to hardly seeing each other at all.  It's so cute and funny to watch them interact now that they are older.  They definitely remember each other!  

Gage's party was at kiddie HEAVEN.  (Chuck-E-Cheese)  Lane had been once before with Kori and Mitch, but Kyle and I hadn't taken him yet.  All of the kids had a blast!   

First ride of the day--the horsey

This monster truck was probably his favorite ride

Trying for some tickets

Still loves Bob the Builder

Hugs for Chuck--but only the fake one!  The real Chuck-E-Cheese came over and Lane wanted nothing to do with him...

Lane was sort of a crazy thrower!

The birthday boy himself!

Pizza time!

And on to the cake!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAGE!!!  Lane's 3rd birthday is only a couple short weeks away and we can't wait to celebrate again!

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