Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun in ATX

Another post with lots to catch up on!  Lane has been keeping busy playing with his new toys from Christmas, going to fun places with mommy and daddy, eating out at restaurants and helping out around the house!  

The Naked Chef preparing a meal for his momma.  Nothing cuter!

Lane and I took a trip to the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary a few weeks ago.  It is a very small rescue animal zoo and we had a good time.  

Checking out the tigers

My little bear

Feeding the deer.  Seriously seconds after these pictures were taken he LICKED HIS HAND!!!  I don't know what he was thinking, but it grossed me out!

Snack Break---with nice, clean, washed hands!!!

Hello, Mr. Peacock!

Telling me all about the reptiles

My, what nice teeth you have!
Lane did not like this llama.  It kept butting the little deer away to get the food and Lane yelled "Don't be greedy!"

Ready to ride the train

Holding my hand on the train ride

Lance the Leopard came along

Building tents in the playroom!

Out to dinner at Shady Grove with our friends Brad and Audra.  Brad is Kyle's friend from college and was an usher in our wedding.  He and his wife just moved to Austin from London and we have enjoyed meeting them for dinner a few times!

We took Lane to Zilker Park on a really pretty Saturday after his soccer practice.  He had such a good time running around playing football and soccer.  Scout came along, but probably won't go back.  :-(  She is just too skittish around other dogs and can't really be fully trusted!

Daddy bought Lane a tool set to add to his tools he got for Christmas.  He had been asking for goggles and a tool belt for a while now and Kyle rewarded him for a good week at school.  We had to drive all the way to the Lowe's in Kyle, TX to get it, but he was pretty happy!  He has been "fixing" lots of things in our house since.

Lane has gotten really into helping me around the house.  His usual "chores" are to let Scout in and out of her crate and let her outside when she needs to go, and he always puts the propels and waters into the fridge drawers for us when we buy new packages.  He does other little things here and there, but those are the 2 that he is consistent about.  The other night he wanted to help me with the dishes.  If he were a *little* taller, he actually would have been a good help!  He scrubbed the dishes and rinsed them with my help and then loaded the dishwasher.  He was pretty proud!

We met Kyle for lunch at Walton's (my fave) on the day before we left for Mansfield for Kori's shower.  Kyle stayed behind in Austin since I was staying for a long weekend, so we were glad to meet him for lunch before we left.  If you are ever in the Austin area, I highly recommend Walton's for lunch!  YUM!

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