Sunday, February 10, 2013

Falling Behind

Whew!  We have been busy, busy lately!  I have been helping plan two baby showers, taken a few trips back home to Mansfield for various things, and kept up with Lane's school and activities here in Austin in between.  Our last trip to Mansfield was a weekday trip back for my hair appointment and to take Kori and Mitch's maternity pictures.  I am trying my hardest to keep my old hair stylist, Shelby, instead of switching to one in Austin.  She only works on T/TH, so it makes it a little tricky, but I'm too scared to try someone new!

Lane had fun playing with a new doctor kit we found at Marshall's.  He has been really into dressing up and dramatic play lately.  Loves being a doctor, fireman, construction worker, etc.  One morning at Mums' house he gave his baby a checkup with his new tools.  :)

Dr. Lane at your service!

I rented a nice lens to use for K&M's maternity shoot and decided to try to get my money's worth and get a few new close-ups of Lane.  Unfortunately it was a cold, windy day at the park and the little man was far more interested in playing than posing for pictures...

We left on a Friday morning to head back to Austin so Lane could go to soccer practice on Saturday morning.  Before we left, we took Mums lunch at her school.  Lane had fun playing on her computer!

And here are a few of my favorites from Kori's pictures.  We went to Cedar Hill State Park (my new favorite photo place) and the lighting and weather were PERFECT.  She looks so cute and we got some great shots.  Can't wait to meet little Evin Kate!

Next up, some Austin fun and Kori's baby shower!

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  1. LOVED those maternity pictures! So curious- which lens did you rent?

    And could Dr. Cutie Pie be any more adorable? So stinking precious!