Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had 2 wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations!  Our first stop was San Angelo to celebrate with my side of the family.  

Lane and Marley enjoying their meals.

After we ate the kiddos went outside for some fun.  It was a pretty cold and windy day, so we bundled them up while they went for a ride in Marley's caddy.  She was so bored when it was Lane's turn to drive! haha!

The newest Mary Kay seller!

Marley's turn at the wheel!  Now she is happy!

 Bye bye!!

Love Lane's bus beanie!

We were glad Paw was able to come!  Kyle picked him up on his way to meet us in San Angelo--after running out of gas on the way there!!  Luckily, some ladies gave him a ride to their house to get gasoline and took him back to his car.  It turned out that they knew Paw, and Kyle was thankful they were so trusting of him!

Kisses for Kori!

We drove back to Austin that night so we could spend the night at our house and break up the drive to Houston the next day.  When we pulled up to our house Lane and I were surprised to see that Kyle had put up our Christmas lights while we were in Mansfield earlier that week.  Lane was really excited and I thought it was a very sweet gesture!

The next morning we woke up early to head to Tomball to have Thanksgiving with Kyle's side of the fam.  We ate lunch at Kyle's Aunt Laura's house.  Olivia, Kyle's cousin, was really good with Lane and played with him a lot.

Singing a little karaoke!  He sang "You are my Sunshine,"  "Twinkle, Twinkle," and the ABC's.

Lane and Gran

Gran gave Lane some cherry chapstick and he went crazy with it!  He kept applying it all over his lips and cheeks and then putting it in his pocket before re-applying!  You can see the pink all over his cheeks here!

Softest lips in town!

Pops and Lane

Lane (with a mouth full of chocolate) and Olivia

My handsome boy in his sweater.  He looked so cute and grown up!

Reading with Aunt Sara

We had a great time celebrating with the ones we are most Thankful for!

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