Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yee Haw!

Last Tuesday was "Cowboy Day" at Lane's school.  I had bought him some cowboy boots in San Angelo over Thanksgiving that were going to be a Christmas gift, but we had to whip them out early!  He looked adorable!  I accidentally left my camera in Kyle's car, so I had to manage with my iphone--and I took a ton of pics.  :)

Started off a little sleepy!

Pics by the playground after school

Kori came to Austin for a night to do some shopping and hang out before she starts her sub jobs.  We had fun shopping and going to lunch, and she was able to go with me to drop off and pick up Lane that day.

That afternoon I was doing some things in the living room and heard Lane calmly say "help, mommy." I looked over and he was balancing in this position!  The chair had tipped back and LUCKILY hit and stopped against the wall behind it.  Never a dull moment with this cowpoke!

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