Monday, December 17, 2012

An Eventful Weekend

I am behind on posts!  A few weekends ago we made a trip to Mansfield for some fun!  Kyle had a work event Friday night, so Lane and I drove in after he got out of school on Thursday, and we went to Grand Prairie Lights that night.  Mom, Claire, Kori and Mitch came with us and it was a good time, just like last year!  Since it was a Thursday night it wasn't too crowded and Lane enjoyed being free from his carseat while we drove through the light displays.  We stopped and got out half way through to eat and ride the carousel.  I was so mad I forgot my camera at home.  Had to rely on the iphone cam, so the pics are pretty crummy.  :(

Lane is SUCH a picky eater and is usually really unpredictable.  I was shocked when he scarfed down most of this giant corn dog!  

He loved riding the carousel--chose a giraffe this time!

He begged to ride it again and wanted Gran to ride the "sled" with him.  I was laughing that he chose the boring bench until I found out he thought it was a sled.

Checking out the lights in the front seat with Mums

Such a happy guy!

Sweet boy traveled back and forth from front to back of my car!  He was more into that than the lights I think!

Friday morning we headed to Grapevine to meet Brittany and baby Beck for lunch and some shopping.  After we ate we walked through some shops and then let Lane run around this really cute Christmas area full of decorations and scenes.  Beck was SO good and never even left his carseat, sleeping peacefully the whole time.  We got some good pics of the boys and even a few cute ones of us ladies.  :)

Lane loved holding onto Beck's carrier and singing to him!  He was very animated and sang Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Then finished off the medley with the ever popular Wheels on the Bus!

Brittany and Beck headed back home for feeding and naptime, and I walked Lane over to the train station to play on the trains.  I got some really good pics of my little elf!

Our weekend was going great until the next morning.......................{see next post.}

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