Tuesday, December 18, 2012


After our night at Prairie Lights and our fun trip to Grapevine, we woke up Saturday morning at my mom's house and were getting ready to take Lane to Gran's for the day to play.  He was playing in the living room, mom was in the kitchen, and I was in the bedroom getting ready.  We all of a sudden heard a scream and mom called me in saying he had hit his mouth.  I immediately scooped him up and rushed to the bathroom.  There was no blood, so I wasn't sure where he hit, but I pulled back his lip and my heart dropped.  He had chipped his front tooth!  It didn't look bad enough to be loose and there was no gum damage, so I was relieved about that.  

He was sitting on his knees looking at a music box at the coffee table and we think he must have slipped and bumped the tooth on the stone top of the table or was possibly resting his teeth on the tabletop.  He told us "I was just looking at that football music thing and then I bit the table!"  Poor guy!

He was pretty upset saying it hurt and I think my reaction made it worse on him.  I don't know why it bothered me so much, but it did.  I knew his smile wouldn't be the same and he will have a chipped front tooth until the thing falls out when he's in grade school.  But....he is ok and that is all that matters!

He makes me think of the little teacup named Chip on Beauty and the Beast  :)

I took him to the dentist when we got back to Austin and he said it will be just fine.  He didn't think it was bad enough to do any nerve damage to turn the tooth gray or dark, and he even said that most likely it will even itself out in the coming years as he grows.  Made me feel so much better!

So, without further ado....here is our handsome boy and his new smile:

Still handsome as ever--and you can hardly even tell!!

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