Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

We had a fun and busy week leading up to Thanksgiving!  The weekend before we had overnight visitors at our house.  Mom, Kori, Mitch, and Kathy were going to College Station for the A&M game and I watched Finley while they were gone.  They met at our house and stayed Friday night and then went to the game on Saturday.

Kathy got to our house early Friday afternoon, so we did some shopping and went out to lunch and dinner.  She had the pleasure of watching "Dino Dan" with Lane on the couch.

Saturday morning Lane had his last soccer practice of the season.  Kyle and I both agree that while his behavior wasn't perfect this season, he did learn a lot of skills and we had a good time going and watching him!  We are thinking about going ahead and signing him up for the winter session coming up!

Waiting for his sticker.  Coach T always told them to put their hand on their head!

So patient!

Lane's turn!

Since he completed his first 10 week season, he was awarded a certificate!

One last five for Coach T

The Aggie gang headed back to Austin Sunday and Lane and I rode back to Mansfield with them so we could spend some time with family while Kyle stayed in Austin to work.

Reading books with Uncle Mitch

Mitch had to work every day of the break but one, so Lane gave him a big hug goodbye!

Lane loves playing Mums' organ


Love that huge grin!

We were able to meet Gage and Tara at the park one morning to play.  Gage and Lane definitely remembered each other and were so funny this time!  They talked to each other, laughed, and interacted.  We miss them a lot!!

Gage running to give Lane a hug!

They kept running over to this picnic table.  Lane started pretending to eat food off of it :)

And Gage joined in!

They thought this was so funny!

Sweet friends!

Walking back to the car--ready for some Chick Fil A!  They held hands the whole way!

The last few days were spent Christmas shopping, fabric shopping for Kori's nursery, and going out to eat.  Lane talked Mums into this dinosaur volcano toy at World Market and was pretty fascinated with it.  It was basically a volcano that dissolved when submerged in water and revealed a dinosaur that grew.  Cool!  ;-)     As you can see by his jammies, slippers, and toy choice he is REALLY into dinosaurs right now.  I know I've mentioned it before, but when this kid gets into something he becomes obsessed!  Last year=buses, This year=dinosaurs!  (and he still loves buses, too!)


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