Friday, November 2, 2012

Pretty Pumpkins

We spent the days leading up to Halloween decorating pumpkins!  I bought these foam pumpkins with face stickers at Target and Lane had such a good time making them.  This kept him busy and happy for a good hour!  He was proud of his creations!

We waited to carve our pumpkin until actual Halloween day.  Last year at our old house, some jerks smashed pumpkins on our street before Halloween, so I didn't even put this one out until Halloween night!  It would have been safe pumpkins were smashed on our street this year!

Lane wasn't too into the whole thing.  He thought it was yucky and almost acted scared to touch the "goop!"  As you can see by the pictures he was not feeling it!  haha!

Finally got brave enough to stick his hand in.  But that's about as far as he made it before he quickly pulled it back out.  I don't think he ever touched a single seed or piece of pumpkin guts!  My little scaredy cat!!

He did enjoy playing with the spoon...

He would scrape out seeds with the spoon, but was careful not to let it touch his skin.  He's always been like that...doesn't like to get his hands dirty!!

Pulling out the pieces that were cut.

Our finished Jack-o-Lantern!  Isn't it cute?!  And I think I might have found our most perfect pumpkin ever this year--at the grocery store of all places!  It was nice and round!  

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