Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat!!

Lane got to wear his costume 3 different times this Halloween!  The first event was the day before Halloween at his preschool.  They had a family picnic outside and then "participated" in a costume parade.  His class actually decided not to participate since the teacher wasn't sure if the little ones would leave their parents to walk in the parade!  So we just watched.  Lane's costume was a hit.  He got lots of compliments!  We were happy that Kyle got to leave work to come to the party.  Lane's school is only about 5-10 min away from downtown, so Kyle just snuck away from work to come.  

Mommy and Lane

Having some milk with his friends

 Lane's class...a Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, a couple of princesses, a cowboy, 2 fireman, a chef, and the cutest ring master I've ever seen!

Lane chose a spot next to the ladies

Yay daddy!

I was glad he kept his hat on most of the time.  We had people think he was Michael Jackson and a Nutcracker when it was off!

Digging into some treats

On Halloween day we ventured out to Barnes and Noble for a costume story time.  Lane wore his dinosaur costume here, and again, got lots of compliments!  I was surprised he kept the hat on the whole time!  Even when we went to lunch at Panera afterwards.  It was funny to see a little triceratops eating a turkey sandwich.

Picked out a dinosaur book to read while we wait...of course!

Listening to the story.  (Actually he hardly listened and was quite bad during the story.)  Talking too loud, asking for snacks, wanting to walk around...


His tail in this pic made me laugh!

Reading after story time was over

Playing at the train table

Halloween night we ended up just Trick or Treating in our neighborhood.  It took some convincing to get Lane dressed and ready to go out.  He said "I hate trick or treating, it's boring!"  (As if he remembered from the year before.)  But once we got all set he was excited and really enjoyed it!  After each house he said "Ok, let's go to another house!"  We went to about 7 or 8 houses and he said "Let's go to one more house and then go back to our own house."  So, that's what we did!  We ate a Papa Murphy's Jack o Lantern pizza for dinner and finished the night off by munching some of his candy from his stash!

Ready to go get some candy!  Aren't our pumpkins cute?!

Waiting at the first door.  He didn't really know what to do yet.

This guy loved Lane's costume!

Now he's got the hang of it!  He was really good about saying "Trick or Treat" and "thank you."

We had to keep reminding him not to peep into their houses!  He would stick his whole face on the window! 

Going through all the candy that night!  He really didn't get too much since we only went to a few houses.  I think it was gone by the next day.  (Eaten by a certain someone in a University of Texas shirt...)

We had such a fun October!  Lane is at a really good age where he gets excited about things and makes holidays a blast!  Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I can't wait!

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