Sunday, November 4, 2012

Touch-a-Truck and Kyle's 30th Birthday

We had a fun weekend!  Thursday was Kyle's 30th birthday.  Since it was a work night for him, we just stayed home and I cooked one of his favorite meals.  I gave him a massage gift certificate and Lane got him some UT Longhorn socks.  We made the tradition last year on my birthday to let Lane pick an inexpensive gift ALL by HIMSELF to give to each of us on our birthdays.  On my last birthday I got an Elmo bathtub book (well played, Lane) and for Kyle's birthday he chose the socks!  We were at Randall's grocery shopping and there was a little rack of Longhorn gear.  He randomly said "I think daddy will like those Bevo socks!"  Such a good little shopper!  Kyle loved them.  He immediately put them on after he opened them and wore them much of the weekend.  He said maybe they would become his lucky game-day socks.  Lane was proud of his choice!  Here's an iphone pic of the two of them on his 30th birthday.  (You can kinda see the burnt orange socks.)  :)

His birthday celebrations continued on for a few more days...
The next day we met Kyle for lunch downtown.  Again, these aren't great pics but I thought they were cute!  Kyle was snatching Lane's pretzels and he was cracking up!

Saturday was a super fun day!  Lane had soccer again that morning and did the same thing he always does.  Acts SOOOO bad at first and then finally warms up and has a good time.  I'm waiting for the day that he just does a good job from the get-go!  (Hopefully that day will come before the season ends in a few weeks.)  Here is a little video of Lane making a goal.

After soccer we headed out to a local elementary school for their annual Touch-a-Truck fundraiser.  It was pretty cool and right up Lane's alley.  Basically it is just a bunch of different "worker" vehicles that are parked for the kids to climb in and explore.  There was a live kids band, food trailers selling items, a bounce house, a mini train, and of course lots of trucks, buses, and construction equipment!  Lane was really excited to go from truck to truck and pointed A LOT!!!!  (as you can see in these pictures!)

Horns were honking non-stop, so I think he was saying "beep, beep, beep" here.

Checking out the inside of the firetruck.

Not happy about this photo-op

"Get me down!"

Checking out the party bus!

On the pub crawler

Running to THE BUS!

In awe...

More pointing...

Stepping into a moving truck

A sweet treat!

Wanted to go back to the back-hoe

Trying to lift the blade

My camera battery died, so the last few pics were from my phone.

Riding the trash truck, just like the real trash men do!

We ended the birthday festivities Saturday night by going out to a nice family dinner at Jack Allen's.  I had passed by this restaurant a few times and had heard good things about it, so we decided to give it a try.  While the waiter was going through the nightly specials, Lane kept saying "Excuse me."  The waiter finally acknowledged him and Lane said "Excuse me, do you have any bread?"  Sadly, they didn't serve bread but the rest of the food was great!  Kyle and I both loved it.  And Lane enjoyed it too, even though they didn't serve bread.  :)

Sweet boy ready for dinner - holding a banana appetizer :)


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