Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Update

I am having a hard time coming up with catchy titles these days!  This blog is mostly for grandparents, close friends and family, and for ME to remember all the fun things we are up to-- so, oh well!!

We had a pretty good week.  I decided I was going to cook more often, so last weekend I sat down and planned out nightly dinners and made a detailed grocery list.  I made cilantro lime chicken in the crock pot, baked chicken packets, and quinoa stuffed bell peppers, which were all really good!  On Wednesday nights we get take-out since Lane has little gym, and most weekends we go out to eat for dinner.  It felt good to plan out meals and follow through instead of getting fast food and going out to eat!  This week I have plans to make skillet lasagna, orange chicken with rice, a baked chicken/new potato/green bean dish, and pesto pasta.  Mmmmm!  We will see how long I can keep this up!




Lane is at such a fun age.  He is constantly surprising us with how smart he is, and makes us laugh ALL.THE.TIME!!  Some funny things he said/did this week:

-I put a UT shirt on him last night and he said "this shirt is a lot of good!"

-He told Kyle last night "why don't you put it on Facebook."  (We don't know what he was referring to!)

-He is really into dinosaurs right now.  He loves watching a show called Dino Dan and can name a lot of different dinosaurs and describe them.  (he knows T-Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, spinosaurus, compsognathus, brachiosaurus, and brontosaurus!)
**And you better believe I had to google some of those for spelling!!!

-He is constantly doing naughty things and immediately says "but, I'm sorry" in this sweet little voice.

-He still asks us "Are you happy?"  when he knows we are upset with him!

-He has started saying things like:
"Of course I will"
He sounds like a little adult!

-Still fusses each Tues/Thurs morning when he has to go to school.  He is fine once I get out the door, but has been crying when I drop him off.  On Thursday I bribed him with a new set of hot wheels if he didn't cry, and sure enough-he didn't!!  To make it even better, he FINALLY tee tee'd on the potty for one of his teachers, Ms. Leslie.  He has never had an accident at school, but has been holding it in.  I take him right when we get in the building at drop off and again when I pick him up, and it just seemed like that was what he was going to do all year! (He is there for 4 hours.)  Then on Thursday he walked right up to Ms. Leslie around noon and said "I need to tee tee."  Good boy!!  We praised him like crazy and rewarded him with iPad playtime that night before bed.  He was pretty proud of himself!  (This was also the same day that I showed up to pick up Lane with my shirt on inside out and didn't realize it until long after we got home.  NICE!)

-Has started becoming a ham when out in public.  He will wave at strangers with this sweet smile, loves to wave and talk to little babies, and sings so loudly--demanding people's attention!  They always laugh and say "how cute!" So I guess he has it down!

-During dinner the other night, Kyle asked what Lane learned at school.  His reply was: (word for word)

"I saw a boat at school today!  There were 5 animals.  2 elephants, and 2 giraffes, and a monkey and another monkey. Then it started to rain and rain and then the rain stopped and the earth was o.k."

His math was a little off, but I asked his teacher and sure enough, they had learned about Noah's Ark the day before!  He is LISTENING and LEARNING.  Hooray!

One evening while dinner was in the crock-pot and Kyle was still at work, Lane, Scout, and I ventured off to the local elementary school park to play.  It was a short little walk from our house and a really fun playground!  There was only one other little kid there, so Lane had the place almost to himself.

On Wednesday I took Lane to a trial music class at a local art school.  It was free, and he loves music, so I figured we'd give it a try.  Well, it turned out to be a little different than I expected!  All of the other moms had been going for a while and evidently had a class CD to be practicing songs with.  They knew all the words and hand movements to these songs I had never heard, and they were really into it.  Breastfeeding during songs was welcome (without any kind of cover-up,) and the kids were encouraged to just do their own thing.  It was just different than any music class I have ever been to or heard about!  Lane enjoyed some of it, but I could tell he was a little skeptical at some points!  The times didn't work out for our schedule anyway, so that was most likely a one time deal!  

On Friday morning we went to story time at the library again and checked out some new books before we left.  Lane was excited to check out a dinosaur DVD and a Halloween themed Barney and Bob The Builder movie, along with his books!

Lane decided this week that he wanted to start carrying this stuffed leopard around everywhere.  We got this for him at the Dallas World Aquarium when he was like 3 months old, and he has never cared about it or any other stuffed animal for that matter.  We named it Lance because the day we bought it one of Kyle's work friends who was at the aquarium thought Lane's name was Lance and kept calling him that!  So Lance the Leopard came almost everywhere with us this week.  Here's Lane feeding Lance some of his muffin.  :)

And that wraps up our week!  We had a fun and busy weekend, so I'll post about that next......

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  1. How I love these little updates. We'll be there agian this weekend... ;)