Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Day of School

We had a great first week in Austin.  Kyle doesn't start his new job until September 10th, so we were happy to have home all week to help with unpacking and getting into our routine.

On Tuesday, September 4, Lane started his Mother's Day Out program at Butterfly Christian Preschool in Westlake.  Kyle and I were glad to be able to take him and pick him up together.  He cried at drop off...and probably always will, but was happy and playing when we came to pick him up.  He has 12 kids total in his two's class and goes Tues/Thurs from 9:00-1:00.  His teacher is named Ms. Heather and her aide is Ms. Leslie.  The first day he said he had fun playing on the playground and talked about the class pet--a lizard named Max.  He said he made some new friends and asked why his old teacher, Mrs. Clark, and his friends Charlotte, Jensen, and Hunter from his old school weren't there.  He told me "My new friend is a boy with an orange shirt with a crab on it named Mark."  I asked if Mark is the friend's or the crab's name and he said "Mark is the boy, mom."  :)

 Breakfast before his first day

Ready for school!

Checking out the playground before going in

 Immediately found the buses!  (Of course)

Lane and his teacher, Ms. Heather after school

Mrs. Heather said he did great.  She asked if he had been to school before and said you can tell he had "practice" and was an "old pro."  He didn't have any accidents, but also didn't go potty...for 4 hours!!!  On day 2 of school he did the same thing.  Wouldn't go to the bathroom for them, but held it in.  Hopefully he will get more comfortable as the weeks go by.  So far we like the school.  We miss First Faith in Mansfield, mostly because of his wonderful teacher Mrs. Clark, (who text me on Lane's first day checking on him!)  I had also really gotten to know the other moms from his class and will miss them.  I'm sure we will get to know his new classmates' families and grow to love his teachers too!

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