Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fort Worth Stock Show

On Friday, January 31, we took Lane to the Fort Worth Stock Show.  With his recent cowboy obsession I figured he would love it!  He wanted to wear his full cowboy gear, but I talked him out of his toy red cowboy hat with the promise that we would look for him a real cowboy hat when we got there!  He still sported his bandana, vest, badge, and boots and looked pretty cute, alright.  Mom, Mitch and Kori decided to come along and even Evin got to come out for an outing!  She has been staying home a lot lately during cold/flu season since her immune system is a little more sensitive due to her heart surgeries.  The last thing she needs is to get sick!  She seemed to like being out and about and enjoyed the sights.

 Lane and Mitch looking at the horses.

Love Lane's smile here!

 Evin checking out the horsies

Taking a ride in a covered wagon

We told him to smile and this is what we angelic.  Haha

Little E taking it all in

We headed inside to the vendors and I immediately spotted a booth that had kids hats.  We found a cute straw one for Lane and the man even fitted it to his head!  Lane looked so adorable in his new hat! 

Evin found one in her size too!  She decided she prefers bows and headbands to cowboy hats.

After looking at the big horses earlier, Lane decided he wanted to ride a pony.  I was a little surprised he wanted to, since the last time he claimed to be "scared."  When I asked him if he wanted to ride he calmly said "sure!"  The lighting was a little weird in the tent, so I converted most of the pics to black and white.  My tiny cowboy looked like a pro!  Then his boot fell off halfway through and he had one little socked foot hanging off the saddle!

Whoa, boy!

A cowboy and his grandma

 We walked by some more vendors and found these really cool horses on wheels.  They had pedals that you bounce up and down on and the horse rolled pretty fast.  Lane caught on quickly and loved cruising around.  If they weren't almost $300 I might have bought him one!

Evin tested out the zebra

Driving a 4-wheeler at the exhibits

We purchased Lane one last souvenir before heading to our last stop of the day.  He got a practice lasso and was thrilled.  (Although, I will say he threw a fit to get a cowboy gun set along with the lasso and wasn't successful.)  He held it with him the rest of the afternoon, swishing it around and whipping a few strangers' legs.  We went to the Kiddie Barn last, which had some baby animals in cages to look at.

Lasso in hand, checking out the goats

We stopped for a few pictures on the way to the car.


So proud of his new lasso and hat.  All of these poses were 100% him.  I kept saying "Be still and smile at me!!!"  He didn't really mind, but the pictures turned out even cuter than if they were force posed by me!

It was a fun filled day!!

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