Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ellis Paige in 3D

We got to have a 3D ultrasound on Saturday, January 25th.  I was 28 wks 5 days and we were happy to get a good look at our girl on the big screen!  Lane came along with us, but wasn't too impressed with everything.  At one point he said "She just looks pretty orange to me."

I took this picture of the screen next to me while we were having the ultrasound done.  Isn't that little smile she gave us cute?!

We received a DVD of the session and 8 prints of different poses.  I didn't realize until after we got home that the DVD didn't include any digital photo files, so I did some handiwork and figured out how to take some screen shots of the DVD.  Here are Ellis Paige's first glamour shots!  We think she looks a lot like me...especially the nose!

And here is just a sweet profile shot.

Proud Mommy and Best Big Bro after the appointment

This is a short clip of the DVD we got where you can see her moving around and giving her little grin.

We are getting so close to seeing her little face in person, and we can't wait!!

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