Monday, October 21, 2013


On Saturday, September 28, 2013, Lane had his very first T-Ball Game!  We signed him up to play with a  franchise league called i9 Sports.  They are the only program that offers t-ball for 3 year olds, so we went ahead and signed him up, hoping he would like it!  His team was wanting to be called the Tigers, but another team had already chosen it.  His coach asked the kids if anyone had another choice, and Lane suggested the team name "Rangers."  Nobody else spoke up, so they ended up using that!  He was pretty pleased with himself.  

The little All-Star before the game.  Gigantic jersey and a big smile!

He didn't get to choose his number, but ended up with the number 2.  Kyle was calling him a little Derek Jeter.  We tucked in the gigantic jersey and he looked so stinking cute in his (also gigantic) baseball pants!

Each game day consists of a 30 minute "practice" and then a 30 minute game against an opponent.  Here are some of the little Rangers before practice started.

Lane struck up a conversation and at one point yelled "Let's go Rangers!" and "Go Team!"

He turned his hat around backwards during practice for some reason.

And WOULD NOT quit picking wedgies.  It was constant!!  So bad that I pulled him aside and just took his underwear off!  Boys, ugh!

A quick pep talk before the game began.  His coaches are Coach Tim and Coach Holly.

He started off playing first base.  Look at that ready position!

Running after the ball!

Go #2!

Getting ready for his first at bat!

Now batting, #2, LANE COOTS!  He got a good hit at both of his at bats.  This league doesn't keep score or outs, which makes it easy.  Each team gets to bat through their lineup twice.

All smiles after the game!  He loves T-Ball!  (Much more than he liked soccer!)

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  1. Those pictures of him "huddling" with his teammates are so cute! But yeah, wedgies could be a problem with those uniforms. This could be remedied by getting them some pants that aren't too snug in that area. But at his age, it's quite hard to get some kiddie-sized uniforms, and people just tend to outgrow it too fast. It looked like he had loads of fun anyway, so perhaps it didn't bother him at all. Let's hope he gets into more T-ball games! Have fun!

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express