Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pajama Day & Show and Tell

A couple of weeks ago, Lane's school had pajama day to go along with their day/night unit.  They got to bring a flashlight and learned all about darkness and light.  He was very proud to wear his new Longhorn pi's that Mums got him.


That same day was their first "Show and Tell" day.  From now on, every Thursday is Show and Tell, and each day will be a different letter of the alphabet.  They started with letter A, so Lane chose to take his ambulance toy.  He practiced telling us about it just like he would tell his friends at school.  The night before he said "This is an ambulance.   It starts with the letter A.  My Uncle Mitch drives an ambulance because he's a paramedic.  But he also drives a red pickup truck."  

I picked him up from school early that day and they were just about to start Show and Tell, so the teachers let me stay to watch Lane!  It was a little chaotic because he was the first to go and it was rushed, but he was so cute.  If you listen carefully you can hear him say "Mitch drives an ambulance cause he's a paramedic."

It should be fun coming up with items for Lane to take for the rest of the alphabet!

While on the subject of school, here is Lane's school picture this year.  I am glad he smiled but something about it doesn't really look like him to me.  Maybe his eyes or something??  Still handsome, though!

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