Monday, June 17, 2013

Road Trip

Lane and I took a trip to Brady and San Angelo in mid-May.  Kathy had been wanting us to come to San Angelo on a Monday when she keeps Marley so that Lane could join in on the fun they have!  We stopped off in Brady on the way there and spent the afternoon before heading to San Angelo.  Mom, Kori and Evin were in Brady too, so we got to see them for a short time!

Paw and "Tuffie"

Lane was such a stinker while we were at Paw's.  He hadn't had a nap and was wild and somewhat grouchy.  This was the best picture we could get of Paw with the kids.  

Reading a book with Mums

Coloring with Paw

Sweet Lil' E!

Even though he was being a toot, he was still very sweet to Evin.  He loves that baby girl!

She is so beautiful!

While I had my camera out I snapped a few secret pics of Paw while he was watching TV.  :)

Paw has never removed his wedding ring since he was married on March 11, 1947.   66 years!  Even though my Mammaw has been gone for quite some time, he continues to wear it.  Part of the reason is it won't come off!  It has permanently indented his finger and will stay on him forever.  So sweet!

That evening Lane and I left Brady and headed to San Angelo.  I had a photo shoot with Tiffany's sister's family that night, and Lane enjoyed playing with Mason and Marley at Kathy's while I was gone.

We had a big day planned for Monday!  First, we went to Tiffany's parent's house to see their twin baby goats.  Lane wasn't too impressed by them, but eventually warmed up and chased and pet them. They were so cute!

The goats were bottle fed, and Tiffany's mom had saved a little bit of milk for the kids to feed them.  Of course, Lane didn't want to!  Typical!

The kids had fun riding the Jeeps and playing in the yard before we left!

Kambry, Marley, and Lane all squeezed into one Jeep!

We then headed to the park to see if we could feed the chipmunks.  Kathy had been taking Marley every Monday and said tons of them would come right up to them and eat bits of bread nearly right out of their hands!  We saw a few while we were there, but not many were out and they weren't coming near.  They were cute, though!

The kids played on the playground a little and worked up an appetite!


Our last stop of the day was Mr. Gatti's for lunch.  The kids ate some pizza and had fun playing the games and getting tickets and prizes.



It was a FUN day!  Both sweeties were worn out and fell right asleep on the way home.


After naps, we headed over to Tiffany and Ryan's house to eat fajitas and celebrate Kathy's birthday.  We stayed one more night at Kathy's and headed back to Austin the next morning.  It was a fun trip!

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