Monday, March 11, 2013

Visitors Galore!

The weekends before Lane's birthday were spent having fun visitors in Austin!  First, my mom came for the weekend while Kyle was out of town.  We did a little shopping, went out to eat, and played at home with Lane.  

Some bunny loves you!  -- Playing around at Hob Lob

Lane loves this toy he got for Christmas from the Snowden's.  It is a dinosaur sandbox complete with dinosaur bone fossils and little shovels and rakes for digging.  So far, he has been pretty good about keeping most of the sand in the box and has enjoyed playing with it!

He found a bone!

Look at little Finley peeking in the background!

Mums bought Lane his first kaleidoscope at World Market.  He had such a hard time closing one eye and looking in with the other, so he finally came up with a actually CLOSE one eye!  This kid makes me laugh.

A happy boy ready for dinner.  Got a balloon at Nordstrom's, some Easter stickers to play with at the restaurant, and an applesauce appetizer.

Mums and Lane

On Sunday before Mums left we hit up Freddy's.  It is a burgers/frozen custard place close to our house.  Lane was being so sweet!

The next weekend we had MORE visitors!  On Friday night Josh and Carrie came in town and we met Audra and Brad at one of our favorite restaurants downtown.  If you are ever in Austin I highly recommend La Condesa.  It is an 'upscale' Mexican food restaurant with delicious food and drinks.  Lane came along and was really well behaved throughout the whole dinner.  I didn't snap a single pic, though.  :-/  

Josh and Carrie stayed the night at our house and left the next morning to do their own thing.  Not long after they left our next wave of company arrived.  Kyle's dad works for Gainsco and had to be at a race in Austin to see the Gainsco car.  Claire and Sara decided to come along to hang out too!  We had lunch and then Kyle and Danny went to the race, while Sara, Claire, and I took Lane home to play and nap.  That night we ate dinner at Ranch 616.  I thought it was delicious!  Kyle had been there before, but I hadn't.  I packed Lane his own dinner, so he didn't enjoy the food, but he loved looking at the mounted animals all over the walls!  

Our fam--with a mouth full of pretzels

Dr. Lane giving Sara a checkup

Watching cartoons with Gran

Having house guests is a lot of work, but I really enjoy having visitors!  Especially when those visitors make Lane so happy!  :)

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