Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Changes...

Just a few months ago, back in May 2012, Kyle was offered a great opportunity to go work for a reputable Private Equity firm in Austin called Austin Ventures.

After spending my entire married life and life as a mommy in Mansfield, I had my reservations about moving miles away from my family.  Kyle's current job requires weekly travel Monday-Thursday and only seeing him on weekends is hard on all of us!  I had been teaching for 7 years in Mansfield and had always dreamed of being able to stay home with Lane and future children.  With the new job, his travel would be minimal, and I would be able to stay home!  Kyle interviewed and did well, and after much thought and consideration, decided to take the job.  

In mid-June we put our house on the market in Mansfield.  That first week there were no showings AT ALL!  We started to worry a little, but by the next week we were having multiple showings a day!  11 days after our home being on the market, we got an offer from a lady moving from another Mansfield neighborhood.  She came in for a showing and recognized Lane's pictures all over the house.  It turned out to be his Stretch-N-Grow teacher from First Faith!  Small world!  After some negotiations on offers and repairs, we were finally set to close on August 1, 2012.  

We packed everything ourselves and had a moving company come to move us and store our belongings until we could move to Austin at the end of August.  In the meantime...we moved in with my mom!  More on that in upcoming posts!  :)

We will miss this house so much!!!!

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